Musical Theatre

Do you have a child that loves to act and dance? Well then, Musical Theatre is the perfect program to choose!

Musical Theatre at Dancsync is a unique class taught by Dramatic Arts specialists. The class focuses on developing acting skills through dance and drama. Students learn how to create a character from a musical or movie that is different from one’s self. The objective is for students to embody the voice and physicality of their assigned character by participating in role playing exercises, hot seating and improvisation. 

In a Musical Theatre class at Dancsync, students will play interactive games, build community, learn broadway jazz and  jazz funk technique. Choreographers will choose a song from the musical theatre canon to focus on throughout the year and students will be asked to audition for a role. Once assigned a character, students learn how to dance and lip-sing the lyrics of the song to make it appear like they are actually singing. Musical Theatre is a great program for students of all levels and abilities, and truly helps them develop confidence and creativity.

Please Note: Students who choose not to audition, will be assigned a spot in the ensemble.