About Us

At Dancsync Academy, our philosophy centers around creating a team-oriented environment in which families and students feel appreciated and respected. Our core belief is that we are a dance family, where students can learn, grow, and have fun.

Our Offerings

We provide recreational, part-time competitive, and full-time competitive programs to students aged 3 and above. Our programs cover creative movement, ballet, jazz, tap, acro, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, and hip-hop.

Our dance programs run for the full academic year, from September to June, with summer programs in August. We also host a Dance Showcase at the beginning of June.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire students to unlock their passion for dance through success, ambition, and integrity.

Our Vision

At Dancsync Academy, our aim is to offer tailored dance programs to help all students discover their strengths and potential in an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Our vision is to provide exceptional dance instruction that enables every student to excel and shine.

Our Values

We hold the dance education of all our students in high regard at Dancsync Academy. Together, we create a secure and positive atmosphere that enables each student to reach their full potential.

Our core values are:

Success – We place a high value on promoting success in all our students.

Ambition – We work hard and dedicate ourselves to providing unique opportunities for our students.

Boldness – We believe in being bold and creative in our classes, taking risks with our students while instilling confidence and courage.

Integrity – We demonstrate integrity in our actions and words, being honest and trustworthy with the families we serve.

Inclusion – We embrace individuality and are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and equitable environment for all our students.

Encouragement – We believe in positive reinforcement and setting achievable goals for our students to succeed.